👋 Hello There! This is my personal blog, in which I write about Web Development (frontend & backend), APIs, Automation, Programming in general, Productivity. This is the place where I 'nerd' about programming and improve my current skills while helping others.


The main goal of this blog is to share the knowledge that I gain in my programming journey and to help other developers like me to improve their programming skills.
It is also a place of reference for myself (I frequently go back to my old posts to remind me how to do something), so we are all in it together. I wouldn't write about something that I myself wouldn't want to refer😉.

About Me (The Author)

I'm Ammaar Aslam, a passionate self-taught programmer from Colombo, Sri Lanka. I'm the author of this blog.

My Programming Backstory

I learned Python as my first programming language when I was 12. I chose python not only because it was one of the most popular programming languages, but also because the learning curve was very easy compared to others. I learned it through free courses and YouTube videos. FreeCodeCamp was also a very useful resource for me to learn python (very grateful for these resources for making these free). Since python was mostly used in the backend of applications, I had an interest in learning to build good user interfaces. That's when I started to learn HTML, CSS & JavaScript properly then React for frontend web development and flutter for mobile development.

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